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The Field was discovered at the end of the 80s – beginning of the 90s by the British parapsychologist, biochemist, and physiologist Rupert Sheldrake, who is still developing his ideas. Sheldrake’s theory consists in the following: anything that happens is imprinted in “a so-called morphogenetic (or shaping) field”.

This field has a cumulative type of memory that stores everything that happened to this species in the past. The representatives of every species (and we are talking not only about biological organisms but also about protein molecules, crystals, and even atoms) are so to say tuned into their own separate morphic field that spreads in time and space.

The means of transmitting information is called morphic resonance.

Just like a TV-set which is able to receive any of the stations that it is tuned into by means of resonance (a phenomenon when the main frequency of a station corresponds to the input frequency of a TV-set), nature according to Sheldrake can be compared to a tuner.

For example, a substance crystallizes in a certain way not just because some morphic fields influence the process of crystallization (this process is directed by physics), but because this field provides this very substance with one of the physically possible ways or in other words, adjusts this substance to a certain way.

In the sphere of social fields, memory appears through the resonance with the past actions of the field.

“All traditional social groups perform certain rituals through which they communicate with their ancestors, admit them, and pay tribute to them. Such rituals exist in all societies and they are generally based on the original act which distinguished the identity of the group”.

The Jewish Passover Seder can be a good example of such rituals, as it refers to an original event in Jewish history. Since that original event, this act is repeated by Jews all over the world and at all times. By taking part in it, every participant of the event admits being Jewish and their connection to all who were before them.

The same can be said about the Christian Holy Communion that refers to the Jesus’ Supper with his apostles that already was the first Easter meal.

Another good example of a national ritual is the Thanksgiving Dinner in the USA. All such rituals include the use of specific words and phrases, definite repeated actions, certain meals, prayers or pleas, and many other things. By repeating definite actions in the way exactly as it was done before, all of us participate in the ritual and consequently connect to everybody who performed such rituals before us up to the moment when the original event took place.

From the point of view of “the morphic resonance” this has a great importance. You take part in a ritual and repeat certain actions in the way they were produced many times before and through this similarity, you resonate with those who performed exactly these actions before you.

One of the most effective ritual elements is the use of voice and songs. This type of memory is manifested in all levels of nature, even in crystals.

Information about past events is sent to the so-called database which Sheldrake calls morphic field and can influence everything that happens after them.

It is widely known that sports records that seemed to be unapproachable for a long time suddenly became possible for many sportsmen, once these records were beaten. A discovery made by somebody in one place repeated in other places within a very short period of time. “The results of IQ tests should also improve in the course of time. It becomes easier for people to take IQ tests if these tests have already been done by many people before them.”

Japanese were the first to notice this and as soon as these results were published in the USA, a lot of people became concerned about it. New York Times published an article with the title: “Japanese are Overcoming Americans in Their IQ Tests.” Later on, James Flynn, an American scientist studied the results of American tests and discovered that the results improved. Meanwhile, Germany, the United Kingdom, Holland, and twenty more countries reported the same improvements.

Originally, it was supposed that Morphogenetic Field exists until at least one of the body cells is alive. Thus, the conception of morphogenetic fields presupposes their local nature which is closely connected with the physical location of the biological organism.

However, later this vision of morphogenetic fields was substantially expanded, as some people supposed that extracellular information structures are more extended than it was thought before.

This has helped to explain many phenomena by means of so-called “fields of consciousness” that were first suggested by V. Nalimov. According to the scholar, these fields exist outside of a human and are analog by their nature.

In his works, Nalimov specifies: “There is one question to ask: how would you imagine a mechanism by means of which a human being can be connected to the perpetual flow of images? You may think that such mechanism of continuous thinking (uninterrupted thinking – N.G.’s note) is of dialogic nature while reflexive logical thinking (unconscious thinking – N.G.’s note) is driven by the mechanism of a discrete system (the latter should presuppose the existence of biological carriers of discrete signs that are in a way analogous to carriers of a genetic language.) A human being is able to think by its whole body in a deep sense…” (that is exactly what I remind you of at our Constellation seminars – N.G.)

By rethinking the variety of information about roles of alterable conditions of consciousness in intellectual life, we may raise a question about whether a human being is a creator of continuous thinking or they are only a receiver of those flows that exist outside of them. If the second presumption is correct, then all human’s efforts to perceive these flows: meditation, taking psychedelic drugs, participation in different mystery plays and finally the ability to ask questions in the language of discrete signs to oneself and waiting for the answer, are just different ways to be tuned into the reception.

Thus, according to Nalimov, “continuous flows are outside a human being but not outside the humanity…” which means that he also implies that information can exist in an extracellular form. Moreover, he presupposes that this kind of information is analog rather than discrete and it exists independently from biological structures such as humans or animals. All such structures are able to access and in a way use this memory storage.

On the internet one can find a lot of information about one fascinating experiment that was conducted by Japanese scientists. One of the most well-known versions of this story was described by Ken Keyes Jr.

For 30 years Japanese scientists had been studying monkey troops on several separated islands. The scientists regularly laid out sweet potatoes for monkeys on the seashore as it was monkeys’ favorite delicacy. The monkeys took those potatoes, cleared them from dust and sand, and ate them.

But one day a young monkey Imo washed potato in the seawater before eating it. Imo shared this discovery with other monkeys. In course of time, more and more monkeys washed the sand off their food. At first, young monkeys learned from their peers, then their experience was repeated by their parents and spread among the whole troop.

As soon as there were more than 100 monkeys who preferred to wash their food before eating, troops from other islands started doing it although the islands were separated.

This study proved one of the hypotheses about the creation of a common informational field. The result of the experiment is known as “the hundredth monkey phenomenon.”

This experiment can also support Sheldrake’s theory as this phenomenon explains the existence of the morphogenetic field and the fact that we all interact with each other like Japanese monkeys.

That is exactly why group work is so precious: it helps to increase common vibrations and intensify transition to a higher level.

I hope that this topic is unfolding in a new way for you, and you begin to understand the power of a person who is able to influence events “written” in the omnipresent FIELD. The most important thing is to understand that everybody can be that person. All you need is just to let yourself use this ability.

So I would like to introduce some theoretical material in order to provide a deeper understanding of the topic and of course, I am looking forward to your feedback!

The subject of our discussion has numerous names which means that it is widely spoken about all over the world and a lot of people are discussing and thinking about the same: Morphogenetic Fields, Morphic Fields, Form-Shaping Fields, Fields, Informational Fields, Torsion Fields, etc.

In his book “A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance” published in 1981, Rupert Sheldrake introduced a theory which explained how living creatures learn and change their shape. He argued that if some form of behavior repeats often enough, it becomes imprinted in a kind of “a morphogenetic field” (morphic field).

Morphic field has cumulative memory and stores information about everything that happened to this species for the time of its existence. Representatives of every species are tuned into their separate morphogenetic field which exists in time and space and manifests itself by means of morphic resonance. The theory of morphogenetic fields has a lot in common with the theory of resonance.

Thus, Sheldrake’s theory explains how some fundamental changes in a human mind can take place. At first, changes in behavior or relationships hardly happen, but the more individuals adopt new models of behavior the easier are the changes for other representatives, even without being influenced from outside. According to Sheldrake’s theory by means of morphic resonance, people are able to tune into a new model in a morphic field and become being more and more influenced by this model. That is the reason why changes happen more smoothly in the course of time.

So as you can see it is very important to work with the morphogenetic memory of our ancestral line and ancestors who formed exactly your Ancestral Field. It is even more effective if as many members of the Ancestral system as it is possible take part in the modification of the ancestral memory. Including those who have already passed away as the information about their actions/non-actions is stored in the Ancestral Field. This theory is the basis for all my seminars on working with the Ancestral Funnels.

Sheldrake writes: “The ideas that I support are very close to Jung’s conception of the collective unconscious. The main difference is that Jung’s theory is applied mainly in regards to the human experience and human collective memory. Whereas I suppose that this principle can be applied not only to the human mind but to the whole Universe.”

Some people also presuppose that there exists a global information field (a world database) where information about past, present and future is stored.


This process has been studied by an outstanding English mathematician Sir Roger Penrose, who came to the conclusion that outstanding scientific discoveries are made not as the result of the work of mind but due to the access to the original source of knowledge. Thus, according to Penrose, this is the so-called act of inspiration that accompanies creative work in any field of human activity.

Penrose’s point of view foresees the fact of existence of perfect information carriers called TORSION FIELDS (I would like to ask you not to be afraid of the terms that I use as I am going to explain them clearly without making your brain explode).

The word expression “torsion fields” does not mean anything mysterious or unexplainable.

Torsion (means twisting in French) originated from the Latin “torquere” which means to twist, to turn.

So the torsion field is created around a twisting object and presents a unity of twisting micro vortexes of space. And, as we know that every matter (or an object) is made of atoms and molecules which have their own spin – the moment of rotating motion, this means that a torsion field possesses these characteristics as well.

A torsion field has also some information characteristics which mean that it transfers NOT energy but INFORMATION and is the foundation of the global Information Field of the Universe.

Any changes in torsion fields are accompanied by changes in the physical properties of matter and the release of energy. The torsion field does not lose energy and cannot be weakened by the physical environments passing through it. It is impossible to hide from it.

A human being is able to perceive and transform torsion fields. Human thoughts also have torsion characteristics.

Moreover, vast knowledge that was accumulated by eastern healers in the course of their work with nerve centers and energy channels of humans (CHAKRAS) provides conscientious scientists with enough reasons to admit the existence of a supreme reality of astral worlds.

So based on everything mentioned above, we have enough reasons to say that torsion fields of physical vacuum correspond to different levels of astral worlds which are closely connected to human consciousness and were described in religious tractates and esoteric literature.

I am not going to describe all properties of torsion fields, I wanted just to enumerate them and explain those that are more important for our work.

  • 1. The speed of spreading of a torsional signal has no time, as it is much faster than the speed of light.

… it means they are OUTSIDE OF TIME…

  • 2. The spreading of torsional fields is not spatially limited, as it is impossible to be screened.

This means that absolutely everything (bodies, situations, localities, etc.) can be scanned by means of reading information… OUTSIDE SPACE…

  • 3. Torsion fields have memory. If the source of a torsion field is removed, its copy (its shadow, its imprint) is imprinted in space. This imprint is called phantom and can be fixed experimentally.

For example, if you stand up from a chair where you have been sitting for a while, your phantom is imprinted there. It will be left there until another torsion field will not remove it in case another person sits down on the same chair.

  • 4. A human mind is the source of torsional emanation.

Thoughts also produce phantoms (imprints) on both people and objects. This imprint can hypothetically be stored for ages (EFFECT OF MEMORY). That is why a person, an object, a situation, or an event can be diagnosed by their phantoms (by a photo, a plot plan, a layout, etc.)

  • 5. Torsion fields can be produced not only by rotation but by three-dimensional and geometric shapes.

All branches of numerology, Feng Shui, symbols and good luck charms, pentacles and cryptograms, mandalas and images disturb the space of physical vacuum which in turn immediately changes torsion fields with their own properties (EFFECT OF THE FORM).

N.G. 2020

To be continued…

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